How do I upload my competition files?

We are using DropBox to collect and distribute competition materials including your accompaniment score, adjudicator score and your video entry.

Once your accompanist has recorded the accompaniment you will receive a new email containing separate links for downloading your accompaniment(s) and for uploading your video entry. The video upload link is different to the score upload your previously used which has now been disabled. As detailed in the guidelines you must upload a single video per section. If you have entered more than one section you must use the section specific upload links.

For the WA Flute competition to keep track of your video entry it is important that you fill in your name and email address on the upload form when sending your files. If you have a DropBox account already you will need to log out of the account in order to see the name and email form when uploading.

Your upload form should look similar to the example below:

Submit with name.png
My Upload is not working!

Your finished video will likely be somewhere between 100 and 600 megabytes in size and the time it takes to upload will depend on your internet connection speed. There is no need to zip the file as the video is already compressed and compressing it further will not significantly reduce the size.


A non-NBN connection such as ADSL or fixed wireless will be more likely to have problems uploading large files.

If you are having problems with the upload not completing then please try the items listed below:

  • Devices such as phones or tablets will often cancel an upload when the screen turns off when left unattended or if you switch to another app before the upload has finished. To work around this transfer your file to a desktop or laptop (eg via Airdrop) and then retry the upload.

  • As far as possible, suspend other internet use whilst uploading the file. Turn off streaming such as Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime etc. Shutdown other computers in the house and temporarily suspend any internet web cameras such as Nest Security cameras or the like.

  • Move your upload device closer to your internet modem or router.

  • If you have the option, connect your device directly to your internet modem or router with a cable rather than use wireless.

  • On a desktop or laptop device try using a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can also try using private or incognito mode which clears any browser 'cookies' and turns off any web browser extensions which may be interfering with the upload.

  • If you are still having problems then please contact us - as a last resort we are able to accept submissions on a thumb drive in Wembley.

How should I record my video?

Treat your video performance as if you were on stage in front of a live audience. Dress appropriately and be mindful of items visible in the background of your recording. The camera needs to capture your face, both of your hands and the instrument.

Flick or click through the screenshots below for examples of common issues and how to correct them.

BAD - Portrait orientation
Bad - Camera Angle
Bad - Lighting
Bad - Lighting
Bad - Lighting
Bad - Obscured
Bad - Too close
Bad - Too far
  • You will need to use an external speaker for the accompaniment to get a good video recording as headphones, phone or tablet will not have enough volume. You may need to experiment with the accompaniment volume to get a good balanced recording as the adjudicator needs to hear both your performance and the accompaniment.

  • Use a device with a good quality camera - the rear facing cameras on modern phones and tablets are normally better than laptops or webcams, and for the best image ensure the lens is clean.

  • Please turn your phone or tablet sideways (landscape instead of portrait) and use the rear camera if possible to record your video. Use a second person or a mirror to ensure that the camera has a good view of you performing when using the rear camera. The camera needs to capture your face, both hands and the instrument.

  • Your recording device should not be handheld during the recording as a fixed camera position works best. You can prop the device on a bookshelf, table, music stand, tripod etc for this.

  • You can record the video wherever you feel most comfortable, however it is important to minimise any background sound (cars driving past, family members, TV or radio). Position yourself so that your face isn't shaded. There should not be any lights directly visible to the camera behind you as these will drown you out.

  • For a modern phone or tablet please use the default video resolution for your recording. If you are using a laptop, PC or webcam please set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 (preferred) or if the camera won't go that high to the highest setting available (usually 1280 x 720).

  • There is no need to announce yourself or the pieces you are playing in the video as the livestream MC will do this for you. You can play your pieces in any order however they must be performed in a single continuous take. You must not record separate videos for each piece and combine them into a single recording. You must not make any edits to your video.

  • Once you have your video please review it carefully to ensure a good sound balance between your performance and the accompaniment.

  • If your video shows any evidence of editing or has poor sound quality the organisers may ask you to record and submit a new video.

  • The name of your video should be your name with no spaces, hyphens or other special characters, for example - RebeccaGuy.mp4

  • Don't worry about using a different video name if you have entered more than one section as the upload links will automatically identify which section you are submitting for.

Detailed guidelines for your video
How do I download my accompaniment?

You will receive an email containing a download link for your accompaniment, some email software may automatically attach the files to the email, otherwise you will need to click the links in the email. Depending on your web browser and browser settings opening the link may attempt to open the file for playing rather than download it. If this is the case look for a download link near the top-right corner of your web browser as circled in the image below.

Download Accompaniment.PNG